Make yourself discoverable and connect with others at the event. Filter people by goals and find out like minded people. Let XAPCARD’s patent pending technology help you navigate and find people of interest near you.

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With the event Check-in networking is effortless. Get notified when you are near an event. Simply choose the event that you’re in, select your card and networking goals, tell them a little bit about yourself and how to find to find you.

Exchange Contacts


Exchange cards anywhere and with anyone wirelessly; Send it with a simple swipe or via secure QR, email or SMS.

More Ways To




Grow your network and generate more leads by virtually dropping your card at any location. Drop your card at events, trade shows, conferences and meetups to connect with.



Busy? Late? Never miss out important people at events. Pickup cards of people who dropped theirs and connect with them later

XapCard App Card Details

Business Card


Business cards are still a thing, but organizing them isn’t fun. Scan cards you collected and convert them to digital is with 99.9% data accuracy, thanks to a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Human Verification.


Up To Date

Didn’t get a chance to design your card properly? Get up and running quickly by creating simple cards. You can always update them even after the exchanged. Who ever has your card automatically gets the updated version.

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