A professional networking app that is reimagining the way you discover and connect, be it at conferences, trade shows, events or wherever you may be.


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Your XAPCARD™ is more than a business card - it’s your story to inspire others. Keep it simple, design it as your portfolio or build it as an elevator pitch. Create unique digital cards for any profession or passion. It’s quick and easy with no design skills necessary!

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But Better

Spark meaningful connections! Learn more about people at events before starting a conversation. Get discovered and make a great first impression every time! It’s Real-life networking with a digital advantage.

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People Forget, XapCard


XAPCARD™ remembers when, where and how a connection is made. With automatic reminders, you will never forget to follow-up with the people you meet. Add notes to the cards you receive - ensure that important things don’t slip away.

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Design quickly with

Card Creator

Stand out from the sea of stock and trade business cards and make a fully customizable digital impression. Your card shouldn’t dictate how much you share - you should.

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Track your networking performance with essential metrics. Get insights on your card such as Views, Opens, Shares, Pickups and Click to your website or social media accounts.

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Your contacts are always and up to date. Search by name, date, job title, business or company name, location or tags. Access your cards at any time, whether you’re online or offline.

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